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One of the exclusive benefits of your DGN Parents' Club membership is access to the DGN Directory via DirectorySpot! 

The 2023/24 list is LIVE on Directory Spot. 

DirectorySpot is a desktop and mobile app that helps our school community keep in touch by providing parents on-the-go access to family contact information. The current school year information has been updated. You can use your DirectorySpot login credentials to access it on your phone, or on a desktop with this link here.  

Community Bulletin Board 

District 99 has a community bulletin board that shares information with district families and the community about not-for-profit events.  Click here to learn more about events near you.

use this one for whats nxt
Recordings of past meetings 

Missed a recent meeting?  Links to recordings are below. 


NOTE as of 23/24 school year we are no longer recording meetings. Please attend in person. 

Jan 2022 Meeting:

Deck presented at Jan 2022 Meeting: 

February 2022 Meeting:

March 2022 Meeting:

April 2022 Meeting:

May 2022 Meeting

September 2022 Meeting - Meeting:

October 2022 Meting -

Nov 2022 Meting -

December - no meeting

Jan 2023 Meeting -

  Here is the PDF of the slides 

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